Banking & Finance

Our Banking & Finance Department acts for a range of financial institutions, leading banks and private equity investors in commercial loans and property-based facilities.   

We have previously been appointed to panels for financial institutions and carried out legal work for Pepper Group, NAMA, IDA, AIB, Bank of Ireland, KBC, Deutsche Bank and Bank of Scotland plc. We have been consistently reappointed to such panels. We have acted for Bank of Ireland nationwide for over 20 years in transactions in every part of Ireland from Donegal to Waterford and are amongst their top tier of legal firms for such work.  That work includes:- 

  • Drafting Loan Facility letters 
  • Certificates of Title 
  • Investigation of Title 
  • Financing relating to acquisitions, asset purchases, share purchases 
  • Mortgage Debentures 
  • Floating Charges 
  • Guarantees 
  • Inter Creditor agreements 
  •  Subordination Agreements 
  • Marine Mortgages 
  • Advising on Company Law matters relating to facilities, guarantees and security 
  • Debt restructuring 

We also acted for Bank of Scotland (previously ICC) for 20 years and were closely involved with them in reviewing and reporting in a number of large-ticket loan book sales.   

In recent years, we have worked closely with KBC, AIB, Bank of Scotland plc and Pepper Group in security reviewing, rectification and restructuring and in the receivership and insolvency processes. The work has included reviewing and certifying title, providing lease, title and security reports, developing enforcement strategies for distressed borrowings and in cases where negotiation of alternate solutions is not effective, dealing with the court applications necessary to execute those enforcement strategies.   

Having acted for these institutions we are also cognisant of the fact that, in addition to the legal issues which may arise, there may be non-legal considerations and aspects of a reputational nature to be considered by institutions in reaching an informed decision, and so we are careful to give those consideration in any advices we provide. 

We believe in systems and have invested considerable time, effort and resources into the development of case management systems specifically tailored to our financial institution clients. These bespoke systems permit us to streamline transactions and to provide our services in the most cost-efficient manner possible.  They also permit us to effectively meet client expectations, to give accurate assessments of turn-around time in our advices and to comply quickly and effectively with the reporting requirements of large institutions.  

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